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Spring 2021 Conference

(as of December 23, 2020)


AHEAD produces AI-enabled diagnostic and clinical decision support solutions for blood cancer management.  AHEAD-flow is fully automated triage platform for blood cancer flow cytometry analysis. AHEAD-flow is the fastest triage option; it only takes around 7 seconds per patient specimen, more than 100 times faster than the manual interpretation needed with other current analysis softwares.  AHEAD-flow solution has completed proof of concept study in both new diagnosis and disease monitoring settings.


Apricity delivers specialty expertise with digital technologies to points-of-care, empowering practicing oncologists and nurses to better manage their patients undergoing cancer treatments, making novel life-saving cancer therapies (with a focus on immunotherapies) safer and better for more patients, especially those without access to specialty care.  Founding team include Lynda Chin (Founder of Center for Genomic Medicine at MD Anderson) and Jim Allison (Nobel laureate)


Creatv MicroTech is a privately-held company which specializes in microfabrication and biodetection. The company’s business is based on cutting-edge research and development – leveraging our expertise in the sciences and engineering related to high-aspect-ratio microfabrication and ultra-sensitive biodetection. Creatv’s fabrication of micro-metal and composite microstructures is unmatched by anyone in the world. Creatv’s microfabricated CellSieveTM microfilters are ideally suited for liquid cell biopsy for cancer diagnostics.


ENB Therapeutics is a privately held clinical stage company developing first in class ETBR inhibitors to overcome resistance to the immune checkpoint inhibitors. Our Phase 1/2 trials are being conducted starting March 2020 in collaboration with Merck to assess safety and efficacy of our lead product ENB-003 in combination with pembrolizumab. We are raising a $25M Series B financing to support of Ph2 trials and anticipate achieving clinical proof of concept within the year.

Geneius is a private biopharmaceutical company run by the Former CEO of Bluebird Bio focused on the discovery and clinical development of adoptive T cell therapy products that address the treatment of cancer and infections. The company has created a good manufacturing process, or GMP, for the production of T cells from peripheral blood for infusion into the patient, allowing for manufacturing at a price of 1/10th that of traditional CAR-T.  Geneius' targeted DiversiTy™ platform is a novel ex vivo approach that re-educates T cells to become responsive to multiple, previously overlooked tumor antigens. Geneius' lead product candidate, GNS-TEBV-001, is currently in preclinical testing for EBV+, NHL, gastric and nasopharyngeal cancers.  Geneius also has two additional products, GNS-TGBM-002 and GNS-TPC-003, in preclinical testing for glioblastoma and pancreatic cancer, respectively.  IND-Enabling Studies.


Impact Therapeutics is a privately held clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of targeted anti-cancer therapeutics based on synthetic lethality. Impact has assembled the most comprehensive global DNA damage response (DDR) pipeline of novel drug candidates generated by in-house discovery platform, and now is expanding to other novel synthetic lethality targets to broaden pipeline coverage. Impact has raised $46 million USD up to date invested by recognized venture capital firms including Lilly Asia Ventures. Currently series D fundraising is ongoing.


Jubilant Therapeutics is a patient-focused biopharmaceutical company working to address unmet medical needs in oncology and autoimmune diseases. Our advanced discovery engine integrates structure-based design and computational architecture to discover and develop novel, precision therapeutics against both first-in-class and validated but intractable targets in genetically defined patient populations. We strive for speed and efficiency by employing a business model that leverages the proven and synergistic capabilities of Jubilant Life Sciences’ value chain and shared services. Jubilant Therapeutics is headquartered in the U.S. and comprised of a team of passionate, pioneering scientists.

LeadInvent Pharma Inc. (LIP) is a nano-medicine company focused on Oncology and Chronic wound treatment. The team brings over 350 man year experience in drug development and pharma science. LIP’s oncology product consists of a locally applicable gel for elimination of cancer tissue which escape surgical resection during brain cancer surgery. LIP is also developing locally applicable topical gel for reducing bacterial and fungal infection in chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcer, bed sores and burn wound victims.


LifeBridge 10000, LLC specializes in extending and improving the quality of life for patients with advanced cancer. The Company’s mission is to speed up the availability of promising cancer treatments, specifically therapies that have demonstrated a high probability of being safe and effective in preclinical research, and phase 1 and 2 clinical trials.  LifeBridge 10000’s dynamic delivery of TTF will provide the capability to treat cancer in multiple locations in the body simultaneously, allowing us to offer TTF to stage 4 patients who would otherwise be without hope in the absence of a 4th modality. 


Lightpoint Medical is a global leader in precision-guided robotic surgery for cancer treatment. The company’s pioneering imaging and sensing technologies enable surgeons, for the first time, to accurately detect cancer in real time during an operation.


OncoTartis is exploring a proprietary drug discovery approach called “TARTIS” (TARTIS = TARgeting TISsue). TARTIS is designed to develop small molecules for treatment of malignancies originating from specific tissues that are either non-essential for the general viability of mammalian organism (i.e., gender-associated tissues or melanocytes) or can be effectively replaced (hematopoietic system).

Promaxo is a medical technology company that develops and commercializes customer-centric MRI systems and MRI based technologies that enhance patients' lives and redefine the standard of care. Using our proprietary technologies protected by 55+ patents, we are bringing the first MRI and robotic-guidance system for in-office use.  The Promaxo MRI System uniquely combines a number of technologies and pushes the boundaries of medical imaging by encapsulating the high-quality MR imaging into a small form-factor with low magnetic field.

Qrono Inc is transforming CD8+ T cell activation with antigen presenting cell-specific, small molecule checkpoint inhibitors. Our lead product QR213 repurposes temsirolimus to potentiate agonist-activated macrophages and dendritic cells. Non-human primate proof-of-concept data and a validated GMP production process ready QR213 for a phase 1b clinical trial documenting T cell infiltration in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients undergoing radiosurgery to begin in Q4 2020.


Travera has developed a new technology for identifying effective cancer drugs and drug combinations for cancer patients. Our approach uses a new measurement device invented at MIT that weighs single cells with sub-picogram accuracy, enabling us to directly measure the response of cancer cells to cancer drugs for each individual patient. Our unique diagnostic tests will enable oncologists to identify off-label drugs that extend their patient's lives, enable payers to avoid paying for ineffective drugs, and enable drug developers to select patients for clinical trials who will be responsive to their investigational drugs.

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